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The elementary and middle school boys’ divisions include players ages 7 to 13, in grades 2 to 8, who attend public, private, parochial or charter schools. Regularly scheduled clinics and games are held Saturdays or Sundays in public school gyms on the Upper West Side.

Players at every level of skill and experience are welcome to join the League. At the start of the Winter League season, there are no teams, no uniforms, no “positions.” With the support of experienced professional basketball coaches, youngsters develop and improve individual skills while learning the fundamentals of team play. Once balanced teams are formed, uniforms are distributed and the games begin. The program is recreational; the play is low-key.  A rotation system ensures equal playing time for all! 

Check our Registration Information page for fees, preliminary schedule and additional registration details.

Preliminary Day/Time/Locations

Boys Grades 2 & 3 Saturday late afternoon PS 84 on West 92nd St.
Boys Grades 4 & 5 Saturday early to mid-afternoon MS 118 on West 93rd St.
Boys Grades 6 & 7 Saturday mid to late afternoon MS 118 on West 93rd St.
Boys Grade 8 Saturday mid to late morning M044 on West 77th St.

Registration Options

Mail or Drop off form and payment payable to:

Safe Haven West Side Basketball League
c/o Copy Experts, Box 257, at 2424 Broadway (89th Street), New York, NY 10024.