Can I still register after the deadline?

Registration is open while there is space available. Check registration information for status updates.

How do I qualify for a full or partial scholarship?

Full scholarships are available to players who attend elementary and middle public schools and all Special Needs participants. Before registering, parents submit a Scholarship Request explaining the need for a full scholarship. If approved, a discount code will be sent and online registration can proceed. Mail-in registration is available as well. Partial scholarship (reduced fee) does not require a letter of explanation.

Can players be placed with their friends?

First and foremost, we aim to create balanced teams of players with a range of skills and levels of experience. Secondary goals include creating a community in which participants make new friends while focusing on the game of basketball. Requests may be considered but will not necessarily be honored.

My child is very experienced: Can s/he play up?

The decision to move a player to another level of play is made by the professional instructors, along with the Division Manager and parents, once the season starts.

What if there is an age/grade discrepancy—where should my child be placed?

We want every player to have a positive experience in the league. Feel free to express your thoughts about your child’s placement. We’re listening!

What if we have to miss some games?

Although games starting January are scheduled each weekend without a break through March; we recognize that families may have plans for long weekends and school holidays. However, if schedule conflicts will cause frequent absences, please skip this season.

Is the league coed?

All Fall and Spring activities, mini-camps, instruction for children ages 7 and 8 and Special Needs programs are coed.

For winter league team play, we find that children have a more positive experience when they play in single-gender divisions.

Can both parents get all notifications and schedules?

Once the season starts, make sure the Division Manager has all contact info. Notices sent league-wide may go to the primary parent on the account.

Can my school (club or organization) enter a team in the league?

Players are welcome to register individually. Requests to play with friends will be considered but may not necessarily be honored.

Registration Options

Mail or Drop off form and payment payable to:

Safe Haven West Side Basketball League
c/o Copy Experts, Box 257, at 2424 Broadway (89th Street), New York, NY 10024.